We are specialists in programmatic advertising on Amazon (DSP)

Use Amazon’s unique audiences to reach new and existing target customers on Amazon and other retail channels. 

We have direct access to the DSP so our clients do not need a minimum investment. Our specialized team can support campaigns in Europe, the United States, and Latin America.

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What kind of brand are you?



Use Amazon's unique audiences to reach new and existing target customers on Amazon and other retail channels. Improve relevance and results with a single view across different devices and formats. Boost your sales and visibility of the products you sell on Amazon. devices and formats. Boost your sales and visibility of the products you sell on Amazon.



If you are a product or service brand that does not sell directly on Amazon, you can also take advantage of the exclusive data and audiences - of the entire Amazon Network - to reach your potential customers and impact them effectively according to your brand objectives.

What do you offer our clients when managing their campaigns?

Extensive experience in managing major international brands


Transparency and flexibility

100% transparent management focused on our partners' objectives and maximum flexibility in strategy and execution.


Expertise and experience

Senior team specialized in Amazon programmatic campaigns both in strategy and execution and with plenty of experience.



We are fully committed and aligned with our partners' objectives and results.


Direct access to Amazon DSP

We are not a reseller or outsourced service but have direct access to the DSP as a certified Amazon partner.


No minimum investment limit

We do not need large volumes of minimum investment, and tests can be done with small budgets.


International coverage

We can launch your campaigns in different countries, both in EU5, Latin America and other territories with local teams.

Campaigns for brands that sell their products on Amazon

Our Amazon DSP advertising experts help sellers recognize their target audience, create the right strategies, and identify the best opportunities to promote their products by creating the right advertising content to maximize visibility and sales.

Programmatic campaigns through Amazon DSP are highly recommended for any type of product and category.

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amazon audiencias

Service companies or brands not sold on Amazon

Even if you are a brand or service company that does not sell products, you can run very effective advertising campaigns through Amazon’s unique audiences.

We offer the possibility of making programmatic audio, video or display advertisements for your brand through high-value media in a totally secure environment.

  • Reach exclusive audiences
  • Increase your brand visibility
  • Boost your AMS campaigns
  • Increase traffic to your products and sales
  • Release new products and accelerate their growth
  • Access to Twitch and other special media
anuncios dsp

Exclusive audiences and high value media.

Programmatically reach your audiences on Amazon Network sites and applications and use Amazon-only audiences to reach new customers and learn about other retail channels.

Access to exclusive media such as Twitch or IMd, among others.

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