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What is Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

The advertising landscape on Amazon is getting bigger every day and it covers practically everything, from online music and streaming TV to retail and artificial intelligence. With a leading position in technology, it’s no surprise to anyone the development and growth in new channels like marketing and cloud.

When Amazon Marketing Cloud was first launched as a closed beta version, Azzgy was one of the first agencies to use AMC to gain a holistic view of campaigns and thus benefit our clients by gaining a deeper understanding of the best practicesas well as useful tips for using AMC.

What is Amazon Marketing Cloud?


AMC is a cloud-based (AWS) analytics tool for advertisers. It stands out for its privacy focus and customizable reporting options. Advertisers can use it to store and analyze datasets from their Amazon advertising as well as their own internal data sources.

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By bringing together these attribution sources into a single interface, AMC provides a comprehensive overview of campaign performance on both Amazon and your own e-commerce website. This enables marketing teams to understand consumer behavior and make better marketing decisions. In other words, AMC offers advertisers data transparency and the ability to cross-channel data, empowering them to make data-driven decisions.

If you find yourself frequently analyzing reports and trying to connect various metrics, especially from search and display, in order to create a holistic story when everything is not clear, it could be a sign that you need something more. This is where AMC comes in, providing a wide range of reports and metrics that are simply not available in the standardized reports we usually have.


¿What are the benefits of Amazon Marketing Cloud?


AMC is a secure way to track and analyze audience engagement across a variety of channels and media. These are a few of the reasons why you should give it a look:

It’s future-proof

As the use of third-party cookies is coming to an end, marketers need to find alternative ways to implement reporting for different channels. AMC provides an excellent alternative that prioritizes privacy and can help offer consumers a secure and user-friendly experience.

It can save time and resources

In recent years, marketers have lamented that measurement and analysis take up a significant portion of their resources, with cross-channel attribution and audience identification being among their top priorities. This will no longer be a problem with AMC: with the help of an expert developer, it can be quickly set up.

It provides detailed insights

AMC can generate reports using data from Amazon as well as the advertiser’s own datasets. This allows advertisers to implement more detailed reporting across all their channels. You can customize the reports to meet your specific information needs.

What does all of this mean for your campaigns?


Now that we have developed a deeper understanding of AMC’s features and how we can benefit from them, let’s consider how these mechanisms translate into marketing success.

AMC helps you to:

Maximizing your investment

The better you understand your customers and how they utilize different channels, the more you can optimize your campaign investments. In this way, you can be confident that the investment you make is well-targeted and likely to generate higher returns.

Understanding your campaign’s needs

By having greater access to data and seeing them side by side, campaigns with a broad focus can more accurately define their audience and identify specific opportunities for optimization.

Improving campaign results

Whether you want to increase revenue or encourage customers to complete a form on your website, AMC can help you increase conversions and, therefore, improve the overall results of your campaign.

Combining media channels

AMC helps you determine which media channels your audience prefers, how often they use them, and what types of actions they take on each channel. With this information, you can choose to combine your top-performing channels to maximize reach and generate high-quality leads.

Does that sound interesting to you?

Let’s create your success story today, together! Get in touch with Azzgency, an international Amazon Marketing Cloud agency.

*Setting up an instance of AMC is currently free, and there are no additional fees to use it.


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