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How to create Amazon Store in 3 steps and enjoy its advantages

amazon store advantages

What is Amazon Store? How can it help you to sell your products? Find out in the following article the main advantages of this Amazon tool and how to benefit from all its features in order to optimise your business.

What is Amazon Store?

Amazon Store, also known as Amazon Brand Store, is a free tool with which to create your own branded online store on Amazon. This customised store allows sellers to optimise the purchasing experience, build brand awareness, gain visibility and thus boost their business. 

Since Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform, therefore, any seller looking to consolidate their business will find a growth opportunity there. In order to enhance this experience, Amazon created Brand Stores: customised microsites to allow brands to create a unique value proposition.

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Design and customise your Amazon Store

Amazon Store advantages

How to create a unique brand image to stand out from the competition? As you will see below, Amazon Store provides users with a user-friendly interface, which allows you to customise the design with different templates that can adapt to your brand style. This way, you can create a customised and unique site. 

Create a brand image

As a registered trademark, Amazon Brand Store allows you to create a brand image to showcase your products catalog, choose the products you offer and display your brand’s mission in a more personalised way. This way, you differentiate your brand from others and facilitate the purchasing process for consumers to explore your entire catalog. 

Personalise your store

This tool allows you to give a unique touch to your brand adapted to your target audience. There are templates available to create a customised design with several options. In order to serve as an attractive and useful showcase for customers, you can include the following sections:

    >Text: Set your brand voice by defining the tone, style and personality of your communication.

    >Images: Add images to show your products. When customers click on images, they will see all the info: name, price, reviews, availability, etc.

    >Images and text: Including both images and text about the features and benefits of the products can make a difference. It also allows optimisation of SEO through the use of keywords.

    >Logo: The hallmark of your brand par excellence. 

    >Video: Apart from making website visitors stay longer on your online Store, adding videos from 2 to 20 seconds allows them to get to know your brand better.

    >Products: Adding the products in your catalog isn’t the only option. It is also possible to highlight which are the best-selling and most recommended products to facilitate the purchasing process for your customers.

On the other hand, these sections can be customised as well by modifying the size of the text or images, number of lines and columns to display the products, or the type of photo or video galleries.

Create  your own URL 

This customisation goes one step further and allows you to create a specific web address within Amazon with your company name: Having your own address improves your brand ranking since it increases its reliability.

Gain more visibility

Due to Amazon is always active, Sponsored Brand ads are constantly working just like social networks and email. Through these ads, you gain visibility and therefore reach more potential customers, who visit your Brand Store to access the product catalog.

Increase traffic and conversion 

Furthermore, being indexed in Google is another way to drive traffic to your Amazon Store. Additionally, once you add sponsored brands with Sponsored Display or Sponsored Brand, it drives high quality traffic to your listings. 

Measure with proven data

Amazon Brand Store has a dashboard to monitor metrics such as sales units, visits, page views per visitor, and traffic sources to identify where customers come from and prioritise these channels.


Create your Amazon Store in simple steps

Firstly, if you aren’t already registered, you have to enroll your brand on Amazon as a professional seller. Once you have created a seller account, you have to register at Amazon Brand Registry. Thirdly, the next step is to check Amazon Seller’s main menu panel and create your Amazon Store. Likewise, you will be able to use A+ content to customise your listings.

Later on, you can choose and modify a template according to your branding style, or create one from scratch. Then, you can organize it as you like: add content, videos, text or images. Once it’s designed, you’ll need to submit it for Amazon’s approval. 

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Create your own Amazon Store

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