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At Azz we believe in the value of the team and data applied to operational excellence.

We are an international consultancy dedicated exclusively to Amazon, both for large brands and smaller companies with smaller budgets. We know that each client is totally different, so flexibility is one of our main virtues. We study each client’s needs and make them our own, carefully planning their strategy and executing the necessary plan to achieve their objectives.

Unlike other consulting firms, we have learned from our own experience selling thousands of products worldwide on Amazon, developing our own specialized technology and managing large and very demanding brands that encourage us to improve every day.

The pillars of our success


We manage major international brands and carry out our own sales in more than 70 categories in a competitive environment.

Specialized senior team with years of experience in every part of the process to get the most out of your brand.

We manage day-to-day business with our partners in a 100% transparent way and based on mutual trust between people with the same goals.

Our technology allows you to to monitor, extract, centralize, analyze and optimize every piece of data that can affect the management of your brand on Amazon.

We adapt to our clients’ goals, needs, expectations and available resources.

We seek to maintain a partnership with the brands we work with, by maintaining a close and fluid day-to-day relationship.

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