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How to sell on Carrefour and boost your sales

sell on carrefour

Get ready to sell on Carrefour — one of the most popular marketplaces worldwide. Everyone knows and has shopped at Carrefour. But how can you start selling your products at Carrefour? In the following article you will find out about the characteristics, advantages and particular requirements to start selling on Carrefour.

What is and where does Carrefour start

Born from the merger between two Spanish and Frech supermarket chains, namely Pryca and Continente, Carrefour is one of the most known supermarket chains in the world, holding the first place in Europe’s ranking.

In fact, only in Spain and Latin America there are 5,000 branches, reaching more than 30 countries on 3 continents. In addition to the shops, the Carrefour group also offers an online marketplace as an alternative to sell in its supermarkets and expand the sales of your products.

How to sell on Carrefour’s marketplace

Carrefour’s website has a user-friendly interface: you have to upload your brand’s products to the marketplace platform and sell them through the Carrefour’s website or shop. However, the opportunity provided by the marketplace to sell on Carrefour is different from others we know, such as Amazon. The main difference is that there are two ways to sell: online and multichannel.

  • Online

On one hand, this option works in a similar way to other platforms. As a seller, you upload your products and publish them on the platform so that other people can buy them directly at the Carrefour marketplace. In this way, the seller is not subject to any commission fee for sales, registration or website maintenance.

  • Multichannel

On the other hand, we have the multichannel option that goes one step further and, apart from selling your products online, it allows to sell on Carrefour’s physical shops. To do so, sellers must have Carrefour’s approval and a large stock, as well as paying a monthly fee of EUR 99 with a minimum contract of one year.

Why to sell on Carrefour? 

Firstly, we can talk about the advantages of online sale. In this respect, the figures speak for themselves: every year, the Carrefour marketplace receives over 80 million visits from 35 million unique users, and nearly 9 million loyal households. Therefore, the number of annual sales is stratospheric.

Should you want to sell your products both online and in physical shops, it also has many advantages, so multichannel sales can be very convenient for you. Firstly, it has more than 150 physical shops in 110 cities throughout Spain. Thanks to this, it reaches more than one million people a day. 

In both cases, there are many advantages:

The worldwide popularity of its marketplace translates into a higher number of visits for your products, which increases the visibility of your brand and higher sales volume. For instance, the website’s algorithm allows your product to appear as a suggestion for users looking for similar products.

In addition, the chain has a strict quality standard, so being included in its catalogue is a hallmark for your brand. The company has a customer service, which is also suitable for sellers. That is, they can guide you to improve your level of sales and even advise you directly.

Likewise, the company is also responsible for the management and logistics of deliveries, which guarantees a good service for your customers. The home delivery service of the supermarket has a maximum delivery deadline of 24 hours. In addition, your customers can pick up orders within 2 hours with the Click & Collect service

Finally, regardless of how much you invoice each month, you will receive two payments per month of what you have earned that month by selling your products. Similarly, if you exceed your sales, you can receive a reward of up to 2% of your annual turnover. 

How do I start selling online on Carrefour?

To join the Carrefour’s family of sellers, you must meet certain requirements and pass a review phase, after completing the following steps:

  1. Access Carrefour: Firstly, go to the My Carrefour website and click on the top right to register. You can also do it from your mobile phone by downloading the “My Carrefour” app, from which you can also manage sales, and following the same steps as on the website.
  2. Phone or registration form: Then, you have two options. One of them is to phone the company: you will be given a phone number where you can contact the team directly to complete your registration. Secondly, you can fill in the registration form in which you will have to add your personal details. Once you have finished, you will receive a verification code to the e-mail you previously indicated to click on and confirm your registration on the Carrefour website. 
  3. Carrefour’s approval: At this point, you will see a list of conditions to accept the privacy policy. When you have finished, click on “Submit”. Once Carrefour receives your application, it will evaluate it to accept it or not. Then, the team will contact you to give you an answer and, if positive, sign the contract.

Prepare your strategy to sell on Carrefour

It’s time to upload your products catalogue and share it with your target audience. Carrefour has a wide variety of products, you can see all the categories on the website.

In addition, the platform offers you the possibility to create advertising campaigns and participate in different offers. Remember to add quality photos of your products, where you can see the details and write a detailed description with all the necessary information.

How to speed up the process and increase the sale of your products?

Now that you know more about how to sell on Carrefour, you can receive assesstment with Azzgency and get to know more and easier sale strategies for your products. Get in touch with Azzgency’s team and start positioning your brand in the online marketplace.


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