Agencia Amazon

We distribute leading brands on Amazon and other marketplaces.

With our own warehouses we are not an ordinary distributor, but a long-term partner with the same objectives as the brands we sell.

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Some of the brands we distribute

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Philip Morris
Hershey´s 2
Warner Bros 2
Kellogg´s 1
Novartis 2
LG 2
Pepsico 2
Burger King 2

Why are we different?

Our business model allows us to combine the best of the consulting world with technology and direct sales.

We have our own structure of offices and warehouses that allow us to sell on any platform at an international level.

Our capabilities as distributors


Own international warehouses

As part of our value proposition to the brands is the warehouse infrastructure in all the countries where we operate, in Europe, Latin America, USA, Egypt and the UAE.


Unified objectives with the brands

We are not an ordinary distributor, but a long-term partner with the same objectives as the brands we sell, and we develop a coordinated strategy with the brands.


Creation of channel-specific bundles

We have the ability to create special product bundles for each sales channel, which provides an immense added value for brands in terms of sales, average ticket, and differentiation.


Specialized sales and operations team

At Azz we have highly specialized senior teams in each process and task for the optimal management and sale of large accounts on Amazon. Our extensive expertise in sales.


Own Retail accounts in 30+ categories

We have different Vendor Central accounts in all the countries where we operate, access to Amazon Fresh, as well as our own AVS.


International Seller Accounts

Within our 3P sales account structure, we allow access to our partners the 7 Seller Central accounts in all territories where we sell proactively.


Highly flexible working model with brands

We work on a fully flexible model with brands, so we can do everything from buying merchandise, managing their own accounts, or creating special hybrid collaboration models.


Dashboard tracking for maximum transparency

Even though we sell, e provide access to a tracking dashboard so that brands have all the information available and we share the data so that it can be used in their strategy


Sale in other marketplaces or D2C management

We have the capacity to manage both shipments to end customers, to platforms, returns, replacements, creation of special bundles, and the entire operational process to successfully sell on any platform.

The best of the agency model coupled with controlled distribution

Our structure of consulting and agency teams, technology and operational capacity with real experience in sales and distribution, allow us to offer in the same service the best of both worlds: agency + distribution.

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Accelerate your brand's sales without losing control

Increase your brand’s sales by entering new channels and optimizing existing ones, without losing control of your brand through our controlled distribution. We manage your brand as you would do it.

Why give the distribution of your brand to a third party?

We take care of everything with our international Vendor and Seller Central accounts, warehouses, structure, technology and specialized equipment.

We know the importance and complexity of the daily management of a brand on Amazon, so we take care of your brand as if it were our own.

We are extremely flexible and can sell parts of your catalog, special bundles, or take over the distribution in a specific country or marketplace.

Specialized agency management and controlled distribution based on know-how and technology increase our partners’ sales.

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