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Amazon Marketing Cloud agency

Amazon Marketing Cloud consulting, execution, and technology.

Advanced advertising analytics, campaign measurement, audience analysis, media optimization and much more…

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The most transparent holistic consultancy solution

We are one of the few consulting firms in the world that have our own technology and a team exclusively focused and expert in providing Amazon Marketing Cloud services to big brands.

what do brands achieve?
and advertisers with AMC?


Understand the needs of your campaigns

Inspects campaign reach, frequency and overall impact across the marketing funnel


Maximize your investment with proven data

Know the composition of the audiences exposed to the ads and the attributes of the interacting groups.


Boost your campaign results

Analyzes the sequence, frequency and types of audience interactions in the process towards conversion.


Combine different media channels

Evaluate how Amazon Ads campaigns drive interaction and sales on Amazon and other sales channels.


Reach incremental audiences

Understand how many consumers saw your ad at the different stages of the marketing funnel: awareness, consideration and conversion.


New advanced exclusive reports

Advertisers can create aggregated reports based on both their own data and Amazon Advertising campaign events.

Propietary AMC technology Tizzona by fredda.®

We use data analytics and technology to help brands make their advertising more effective

Do you want to know how
AMC would affect your campaigns?

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Secure environment with privacy

AMC only accepts pseudonymized information and all information from an advertiser’s AMC instance is handled strictly in accordance with Amazon’s privacy policies.

Amazon cannot export your own datasets or access them.

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Discover new AMC use cases applied to brands every month

Real cases where brands have been able to know their customers and the real effectiveness of their investment in Amazon.

We develop and execute AdTech AMC strategies to help brands create valuable use cases.

Going beyond traditional reporting and making better decisions

We create attribution models to identify the most efficient investments in each advertising campaign and measure brand preference or awareness on Amazon, with advanced data.
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agency dashbaord

We develop ad-hoc dashboards for our clients.

Data is essential for any high-performance marketing team and its analysis is crucial to make the best decisions at any given moment.

We create customized dashboards for our clients with their data and key actionable metrics to optimize their Amazon Advertising strategies. We can also aggregate other Amazon data sources through our fredda.® technology.

The future of advertsising on Amazon
goes through AMC