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Amazon Fresh: how does Amazon’s exclusive supermarket work?

amazon fresh supermarket

Some years ago a growing demand for online services was observed, especially for food products, which did not go unnoticed by Amazon. Then, Amazon Fresh skyrocketed in the United States and little by little it has expanded in other countries. Read on and discover Amazon Fresh’s shopping options.

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How can you buy on Amazon Fresh?

What is Amazon Fresh? 

First of all, we could define Amazon Fresh as an online supermarket service that makes home deliveries. Amazon’s main goal is to meet the demand for online grocery shopping, which went through the roof, especially since the pandemic. 

This delivery and pick-up service began in the United States as an online service, where products could be purchased from the well-known Whole Foods supermarket chain as well as from Amazon Fresh stores. Further on, a chain of physical stores was established and it continues to expand around the world.

Amazon Fresh Spain

Although operated for a long time before, it was not until 2021 that Amazon Fresh made its appearance in the Spanish market. Firstly, it was established in Madrid, with a view to expanding its market to the rest of the country to reach more customers. Currently, it is available in Barcelona, Bilbao, Sevile, Malaga, Zaragoza, Valencia and Alicante.

How does the service of Amazon Fresh work?

First of all, it should be taken into account that Amazon Fresh is an exclusive service for Amazon Prime customers. It is used from Amazon’s own website, keeping the same username and data as the rest of the purchases. 

1. Access the page

To begin with, Amazon Fresh is a specific page within Amazon which is accessed through the following URL: On the same page, you will find an index with all the available categories in which you will find the products to place your order.

In addition, there are several tabs at the top of the web page leading to sections such as: see previous orders or products on sale, among other options. Then, you will be able to see different sections with personalised recommendations according to products you chose in previous orders.

2. Select products

When it comes to choosing products, each one has a card with images and description to select the ones you prefer. Once you have selected the products and added them to the shopping cart, you will proceed with the purchase as in any other website, following the steps that appear on the website one by one. 

3. Request shipment

Thirdly, the shipments arrive at the address you specified when enrolling your Amazon user account. Since the service is related to Amazon, it must be activated in the city where you live to make purchases and receive the order.

If the service is not available in your city, you will receive an automatic notification. In this notification you will be able to see the city and postal address that you have included in your Amazon account, the same address that will be used for Amazon Fresh orders, in case you need to change it.

4. Receive the package

Finally, free delivery or pick-up service. Customers can choose between attended delivery, where the customer receives the purchase in plastic bags taking into account that there must be someone to pick it up, or unattended delivery, where the order is delivered in temperature-controlled bags to keep the product fresh so the customers can pick it up when it is most convenient for them. 

Please note that unattended delivery can only be chosen for orders under EUR 500 that do not include alcoholic, refrigerated or frozen products since some products are subject to age restrictions.

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How to receive orders from Amazon Fresh?


What makes Amazon Fresh stand out?

Free, quick and scheduled delivery 

Amazon Fresh has features that improve the purchasing experience making it easier and faster. The service is available 24/7, from Monday to Sunday. On the other hand, as we have seen in the previous section, you can choose the delivery option according to the customers’ convenience.

Regardng the shipment, the order is shipped within a one-hour window up to 2 days, no additional cost. For logistical purposes, in Spain one-hour deliveries are only available in Madrid, Barcelona, and surrounding areas. Within the Spanish territory, there are no additional shipment fees for orders over EUR 30 in Valencia, Sevile and Zaragoza, while in the rest of the cities, the order mustc cost above EUR 50.

Product offer

As mentioned above, Amazon started distributing products from well-known brands sold at the Whole Foods chain. The range of products has expanded and now includes options for all tastes and customer needs, from fresh products such as meat, fish and dairy, to organic and seasonal products, depending on the country..

In addition, like any other supermarket, it offers cleaning, household and personal care products, among others.


In order to use Amazon Fresh, you can access the Amazon mobile app on the menu button on the top left. Besides, Amazon Fresh now includes the option to connect with Alexa. Apart from placing an order from your computer or mobile, you can say out loud your shopping list directly to Alexa.

In conclusion, since buying groceries online is increasing its popularity day by day, all these factors have been decisive to grow in the supermarket sector and place themselves as market leaders.

Do you want to sell on Amazon Fresh?

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