Agencia Amazon

Amazon account management agency

Comprehensive Amazon account management

With our highly-specialized international teams, we take care of all the day-to-day operations of your account.

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Day-to-day management of Vendor and Seller Central accounts

We are specialized in the management of large client accounts that require a high level of specialization and know-how that adds value.

Catalog creation and listing management

We manage large catalogs in more than 70 categories and have more than 15 expert resources dedicated to the creation, optimization and control of our customers’ incidents.

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Reputation management and reviews

Our multilingual native-speaking team, technology applied to buyer service, ratings and review management allows us to offer a complete service to our partners.

Ticketing, indications and customer service

We have a highly capable internal operations team that handles all tickets, incidents, case resolutions, and daily operations using our proprietary technology and standardized processes.

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Integrations and process creation

Our IT team is accustomed to developing integrations for our clients, both customized and directly within their ERP systems – EDI, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or any other system with their own Amazon account.

Amazon FCA Order Management

FCA order management through its platform for large manufacturers with high FOB Amazon purchase volumes.

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Proactive account management by specialized teams

Ultra-specialized teams in Amazon operations with high added value for brands.

Real experience in management and sales of large and very demanding customers and own sales.

We are committed to transparent communication with our clients, aligning our objectives.

Our structure allows us to solve any need and adapt quickly.


Scalable management thanks to our proprietary fredda.® technology

We monitor every important parameter of your brand and competitors to make quick decisions based on data.

Manage the daily operations of your Amazon account with a specialized team of experts.