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Experts in Amazon advertising based on in-house technology.

Maximise your campaign results with the winning combination of talent and technology.

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Powered by tech, managed by Azz

Our success is based on the combination of a team of experts and the use of our marketing technology fredda.® for Amazon. We are Amazon Ads partner Agency.

Our Amazon Ads services

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Advanced strategy

We plan and execute full-funnel strategies with the brand to accomplish its objectives together with our team of experts.

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Amazon Sponsored Ads

We carry out the full management of all types of advertisements available on Amazon: Sponsored Products, Brands, Display and Video.

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Amazon Display Ads

We implement strategies to reach the most relevant audiences throughout their purchasing process and enhance the entire strategy and results.

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Amazon DSP

We show your products to the most relevant audiences to enhance the effectiveness of the campaigns and branding.

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Twitch, Fire TV and Alexa

We give access to Amazon's exclusive supports using its exclusive audiences to reach new customers and other sales channels.

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Amazon Retail marketing

We design campaign strategies with very useful actionables to generate greater visibility, sales traction, and gain positioning.

In-house advertising technology + AMC

Campaign metrics, audience insights, media optimisation and much more.

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Specialised senior international team

Our teams are formed by professionals that are specialised in the different areas of Amazon marketing, of which we have Ex-Amazon and specialists with many years of experience.

Total flexibility and transparency

We understand the requirements, needs and goals of every brand, allowing us to adapt to continuous changes. We are 100% transparents in our investments and account management.

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Experience in managing large advertisers

We manage large budgets with the most demanding brands in Amazon. For that we optimised up to the last KPI to achieve the expected results.

We are partners of Amazon

Our Amazon Advertising agencyis certified as Amazon Partner and our different teams own official certifications in marketing, retail and technology development.

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We carry out special campaigns

We go beyond the most common marketing actions in Amazon and  create targeted sampling campaigns, product placement and landing pages customisation.

We manage all types of campaigns

  • Increase the sales and visibility of your products with Sponsored Products campaigns.
  • Boost your store and gain brand awareness with Sponsor Brands and SB Video campaigns
  • Segment your campaigns by products, specific categories, or by audiences with Sponsor Display Ads
  • Available campaigns for all advertisers, whether or not they sell their products/services on Amazon
  • Use Amazon’s exclusive audiences to reach new and actual customers and other sales channel
  • Improve the relevance, sales, and results with a single view across different devices and formats

  • Make the most of all the data and segmentation of audiences on Amazon for sampling campaigns
  • New releases, special events, sponsorship of sections, and brand awareness campaigns
  • Coupons, flash sales, promotions, campaigns with influencers or pay-per-click campaigns (Facebook, Google, Instagram)
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Advanced optimisations

We analyse and optimise our marketing campaigns, besides the factors that influence directly on their conversion rate.

  • Store Front and landing pages
  • A+ and A+ Premium content
  • A-B Testing of listings
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How do TV ads affect the performance of a brand on Amazon?

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