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Amazon Vendor: features and advantages of this platform

amazon vendor advantages

When it comes to running a successful business in Amazon, there are several steps to follow in order to improve both your strategy and efficiency. Vendor Management is introduced as a useful tool to organise and manage your account. Read on and explore the main advantages of this feature!

What is Amazon Vendor Central? 

As one of the leading online selling platform, Amazon’s marketplace brings unparalleled opportunities for your e-commerce business. One of them is Amazon Vendor Centralan online dashboard used by Amazon suppliers to add products and provide concrete data, check purchase orders, manage inventories, and promote advertising, among other features.

¿Cómo acceder a Amazon Vendor Central?

It is important to note that Vendor Central is an invite-only platform and it is designed for enterprises that want to sell their products. Amazon invites different businesses to access Vendor Central, mainly existing brands with strong presence on the market and a high demand, successful marketplace sellers and those exhibitors which sell attractive products for customers.

That is, enterprises become the supplier. Amazon makes an offer and, if you accept, a Vendor Central Account will be created for you. Then, the process works as follows:

  1. Amazon sends a purchase order specifying what they seek to purchase
  2. You, as the enterprise, send Amazon the inventory
  3. Amazon makes the payment

Then, Amazon sells your products to its global audience. However, since Amazon establishes the contract conditions and additional costs, you are no longer involved in the process and therefore, cannot change the prices.

Brand Specialists’ role

If you participate in the Amazon Vendor Service program, you will have to contact a Brand Specialist. They collaborate with vendors to create strategies and assist with different tasks such as marketing, sales, deliveries, reports as well as brand awareness. In summary, they guide you to improve your business presence on Amazon.

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What are the main benefits?

Over 100 million sales worlwide are carried out on Amazon every month. Apart from that, the platform introduces several tools such as A+ Content, Amazon Marketing Services, and the Vendor Central portal, which will allow your business to improve the following points:

  • Gain visibility with Amazon Ads campaigns
  • Manage inventory and improve your catalogue
  • Access to insights and analytics
  • Optimise your product listing
  • Boost sales on Amazon

In addition, since Amazon will buy your inventory in advance, you will save on logistics and other sales-related fees, as well as save time on managing individual sales. Besides, the products bear the Amazon Prime stamp, which builds trust among consumers. 

How to control your Vendor account? 

Azzgency exercises a strategic plan to manage both Vendor and Seller accounts, which consists of the five following points:

  1. Catalogue creation and listing management with over 70 categories with resources dedicated to the creation, optimization and control of customers’ incidents.
  2. Reputation and reviews management with a multilingual team and in-house technology.
  3. Ticketing and customer service for incidents and case resolutions, and daily operations using our in-house technology and standardised processes.
  4. Integrations and process creation, personalised and directly within ERP systems – EDI, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or any other system.
  5. Order management through the platform for large manufacturers with high FOB Amazon purchase volumes.

In summary, Azzgency is based on four pillars to carry out its account management services: a team of experts specialised in Amazon’s system, in-depth knowledge and real experience in management and sales, fluent and transparent communication with clients and a flexible management to adapt to the needs of your business.

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