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Ultimate guide: Learn how to start selling on Amazon

guide to sell on amazon

How to start selling on Amazon? In the following guide, you will learn how to sell on Amazon step by step to make the most of each feature and boost your e-commerce business on the selling platform. Keep on reading!

Why to start selling on Amazon?

Once you have decided to step up the game of your e-commerce business, selling on Amazon is definitely a strong start. While it may seem you need to build up a wealth of expertise in the sector, Amazon owns a friendly-user interface that allows you to follow quick and easy steps, which have been collected in this article.

As the fastest-growing channel, Amazon allows sellers to reach millions of potential customers worldwide. In fact, half of the units sold in Amazon come from independent sellers, specially small and medium brands.

What should you know before start selling on Amazon?

Choose your personalised plan

Firstly, before creating an account, you have to decide which plan best suits your ecommerce business. Take into account that whichever plan you choose, you can change them at any time. Amazon offers the possibility to choose between two plans: individual or professional. For both plans, for each sale Amazon collects an additional fee of the total transaction, which depends on the product category. 

But, what are the differences?

  • Individual: every time you sell a product, you’ll have to pay EUR 0.95. This may suit you if you still don’t know what to sell and don’t need advanced options.
  • Profesional:  it costs EUR 37 per month regardless of the items you sell. This one provides access to APIs and other selling reports as well as programas like Launchpad or Handmade. Besides, you will be able to launch advertising campaigns of your products, as long as you have Buy Box.

Prepare your strategy

When it comes to your strategy, you can follow many methods depending on your business objectives. On one hand, your goal may be to sell existing products. On the other hand, if you want to sell products of your own brand, there are a lot of resources to prepare your plan.


Then, you need to access your existing customer account or, if you have none, create a new seller account with your business email. In order to complete the registration, you will need to provide information about your business, such as your business email address, phone number, chargeable credit card number to receive the earnings from your sales, a valid passport or ID and the company registration details, including VAT number.

Calculate the expenses

In the first 3 months, Amazon puts five selling programs at the disposal of new sellers on the platform, namely Brand Registry, A+ Content, Fulfillment by Amazon, Automated Pricing, and Advertising, under the umbrella of Perfect Launch. 

This helps launch your brand and generate more sales for a successful start. Besides, depending on the selling plan you chose and the products you sell, different fees apply, such as: Subscription, selling, shipping and fulfillment by Amazon.

Start selling on Amazon
Start selling on Amazon now.

Now, how to start selling on Amazon?

Seller Central

In order to sell on Amazon’s platform, you have to access your Seller Central account first. There it is possible to manage the account and all its features, that is to say, listing your products and adding information, tracking and updating your inventory, monitor metrics, managing payments, download reports and track daily sales, among others.

In addition, you can check the Amazon Seller app on your mobile device. That includes features such as managing orders, answering customer reviews, edit pictures and create product listings, among others. This way, you will be able to carry out the steps below.

Prepare a product listing

So now what? In order to sell products on Amazon, it is necessary to create a product listing. If there are other accounts selling the same product, it is possible to match those listings. Otherwise, if you are the first or only seller, create a new listing from scratch. Then, your products will be available for customers.

Add information: Product detail page

When customers look for information about different products, they check product detail pages. This option allows to provide a user-friendly experience and, at the same time, it will help you create a brand image and increase your sales.

What will you have to do? Add titles, images and a list of features to describe your products, as well as price, condition, available quantity and delivery options. Likewise, add keywords that will help position your product in a higher rank.

Please note: If you sell your products under a brand name and look forward to managing those pages, you can enroll at Amazon Brand Registry and enjoy its advantages.

Start attracting your target audience

When everything is ready, it is time to start attracting your target audience. The three main points which help improve the purchasing experience are: providing fast delivery services by using Fulfillment by Amazon, improving your brand awareness and setting competitive prices.

Boost your business in the marketplace

Once you’ve made your first sale, how do you keep your business rolling? Both by monitoring performance metrics and checking customer reviews, you will be able to orientate your plan, receive feedback and keep growing thanks to Amazon’s features and advantages.

Do you want to start selling on Amazon? At Azzgency we own warehouses, in-house technology and our own selling accounts both in Amazon and other marketplaces. Contact our team of experts and we will help you launch your products in the marketplace in order to increase your sales. 


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