Agencia Amazon

Amazon agency with propietary software

Global Consultancy Experts in Amazon.

We are specialists in creating and executing advanced strategies based on data analysis through proprietary technology and a highly-specialised international team.

Leading brands trust us

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We have the perfect service for your needs at Amazon

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Integral management
of accounts

Extensive experience and specialized team in the management of leading Amazon brands

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Brand distribution

We distribute, stock and manage major brands worldwide.

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fredda.® : Technology and data

Proprietary technology for data-driven decision making

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Other marketplaces
and D2C

We manage or sell your products on other international platforms.

What differentiates us from the rest?


Data and technology-based strategy

We make faster and more effective decisions based on the analysis of large volumes of brand, environmental and competitive data. This allows us to optimize and improve every detail and reach the expected results faster.

Real experience in sales and operations

We are the only specialised consulting firm with our own warehouses, specialised international teams and real experience in selling our own products and distributing major brands.

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Global reach and vision with local execution

Our presence in several countries with offices and specialised local teams allows us to have a global reach and vision, but with a deep understanding of the local particularities of each country in which we operate.

In-house warehouses and actual operating capacity

We have a structure of offices and local teams, operating warehouses and own sales accounts – both 1P and 3P – not only on Amazon, but on any platform or marketplace in Europe, Latam, USA, Egypt and Emirates; where we already operate.


Maximise your advertising cost with the combination of people + technology

We create advanced full-funnel strategies managed by Amazon Ads experts with ad hoc technology.

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Boost your strategy and
increase your sales on Amazon

Who do we offer our services to ?

Brands that sell on Amazon and other marketplaces

Full Service for brands that want to get the most out of their sales on Amazon and other marketplaces.

Major advertisers of sponsored Ads + DSP + AMC advertisers

Being verified partners with our own technology, we manage any type of campaign on Amazon.

Distributors and Aggregators

The structure of our own warehouses and specialized teams allows us to manage large distributions, aggregators and digital native brands.

Other agencys and consulting firms

We provide services to other agencies  and consulting firms to help them in any service they need related to Amazon and other Marketplaces / D2C.

Manage the day-to-day operations of your Amazon account with a specialised agency