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Amazon Brand Registry: 3 steps to enroll your brand

amazon brand registry

What is Amazon Brand Registry and how to take advantage of its features? Find all the details about this Amazon program in the following article and learn how to register step by step to start selling your products safely. What is Amazon Brand Registry?

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

When it comes to enrolling a brand, one of the main concerns is its security. Amazon created Amazon Brand Registry so that brands could sell their products on the platform in a more secure way. This way, brands prevent unfair competition by preventing third parties from using it without giving their consent.

Therefore, we could define Amazon Brand Registry as a proprietary registry that increases the protection of both brands and their products in the marketplace, as well as makes the purchasing process safer for buyers. In this sense, it offers more advantages than non-registered brands.

Why is it important to register your brand on Amazon?

Just as trademark protection is strengthened by registering them at offices such as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) or, if within the European Union, at the Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Amazon provides an additional element to carry out the entire process within its own platform. In addition, this registration allows you to closely monitor the information about the products sold on the platform and avoid counterfeits.

4 reasons to enroll your brand on Amazon Brand Registry

In general, Amazon Brand Registry is a key tool for any brand aiming at highlighting its products on the platform. Among its main benefits for sellers and consumers, we can underline the following four: 

  1. Protection: Ensures the legal protection of your brand on Amazon to prevent its use by third parties.
  2. Prevention: Avoids unfair competition from brands seeking to sell similar products at lower prices.
  3. Trust: Being registered builds more confidence among consumers.
  4. Visibility: Helps to place products in the first search results, which contributes to increase the sales volume.

Besides, it allows for a greater control over the Ads Content and includes monitoring tools. On the other hand, it provides users with an internal expert team dedicated to customer service to help in case of problems with your brand’s ads.

Despite these advantages, it is important to emphasise that Amazon Brand Registry does not allow you to restrict other sellers, nor to report alleged infringement unless it is submitted by the trademark owner. Learn how you can register your trade below.

Amazon Brand Registry
Protect your account with Amazon

How to register your brand on Amazon? 


1. Prepare the documents

Firstly, check the data that Brand Registry will require in order to register your brand. As Amazon specifies, the brand must have a pending or registered and active text-based or image-based trademark. 

That means that the brand must be text-based marks or image-based mark with words, letters, or numbers. On the other hand, those trademarks pending official registration at offices are accepted. This applies depending on the country in which you are going to register your brand.

2. Log in

Once you have made sure that all the data is correct, as the trademark owner, only you can submit the application. You must take into account the trademark name, registration number, list of categories and list of countries where the products are manufactured and distributed.

3. Enroll your brand

Once you sign in, it is time to enroll your brand, In order to do so, you must provide the following information: 

  • Your brand name that is actively registered or pending trademark. You will need to provide images that depict your brand name on products or packaging.
  • Registration number of your trademark provided by any of the Intellectual Property Offices mentioned above. If you are pending registration, you must provide the application number.
  • Brand category, together with a list of your product categories.

Once you have filled in the corresponding fields, you have to submit the application. You will be able to follow up your registration application. Once it has been verified that the trademark meets the requirements, you will receive a notification about your registration with a code to complete the enrollment process.

If you have any questions or doubts about Amazon Brand Registry to sell your products and ensure a safe shopping process on Amazon, please do not hesitate to contact Azzgency’s team of experts. Contact us here!


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