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Amazon consultancy services

Strategic consulting to achieve your goals

Data-driven strategies, big brand expertise and technology for your brand

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Advanced business strategy

We create different strategies adapted to the objectives of each brand, combining the experience acquired with large clients with the analysis of the data extracted from the proprietary technology we use.

Excellence in operations

We help brands achieve operational excellence – at a strategic and executive level – by facilitating their day-to-day operations and boosting their performance.

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Consulting and catalog strategy

We analyze and audit your catalog, along with that of your competitors and market, and create the right offer for Amazon. We can also assist you in the creation of special bundles for the channel with our in-house operational capabilities.

Internationalization of brands

We have teams, experience and structure in brand internationalization where we analyze each of the most relevant factors to help our clients sell more abroad.

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Business analytics and technology

Thanks to our proprietary fredda.® technology we measure everything that affects your brand and can build ad-hoc reports according to your own objectives and needs.

We manage your brand worldwide with our team and specialized technology.

We provide strategy, daily management, operations, structure, technology and experience in international brand management.

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Build your business from the exhaustive analysis of your data