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What is Amazon Attribution and how to boost your business?

amazon attribution

What do you know about Amazon Attribution? Imagine you have prepared a campaign to sell your product on Amazon. You have invested and used social media, designed and launched a nice newsletter. So now what? How can you measure the results to keep track of your business? Find out all the details about Amazon Attribution and how to use it to take the reins of your business.

What is Amazon Attribution? How to make the most of it?

First of all, Amazon Attribution serves as an analytics and marketing tool. This completely free tool allows marketplace sellers who enroll their brand to easily evaluate the effectiveness of external advertising campaigns in non-Amazon channels. These insights help increase product sales and earn cashback for every sale generated by these campaigns. 

While promoting your products on Amazon Advertising, you can use external channels such as external advertising campaigns, display ads, social media or email marketing, as equally important as promotion within Amazon. These channels play a key role in the purchasing process to maximise ROI and accelerate sales in your business.

In order to measure the results of a campaign, Amazon Attribution extracts information from the external media channels used for the campaign. In addition, this feature is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, France, Italy and Germany.

As mentioned above, each sale earns a cashback on the order amount, which influences your Amazon balance in the form of fee discounts applied by the platform.

amazon DSP - azzgency fredda - unique reach
Unique reach  data from Amazon DSP. View through Fredda, Azzgency’s technology.

What features can be found on Amazon Attribution?

On one hand, Amazon Attribution provides information regarding the marketing campaigns in non-Amazon marketing channels, which lead to Amazon Store and product pages. Apart from that, it helps tracking purchasing activities on Amazon — the full process step by step. It could be divided into the three following functions.


Amazon Attribution allows users to download insights reports to review all the data. These reports include the necessary information to analyse and monitor traffic metrics, by measuring the detailed page views and the number of times people add your products to the shopping cart, as well as Amazon conversion metrics, namely:

  • Click-through rate or click percent
  • Content impressions: number of times people has checked a product
  • Product page views
  • Number of products added to the shopping cart
  • Number of purchases attributed to ‘Add to Cart’
  • Total sales
amazon DSP - azzgency fredda - total sales
Total Sales data from Amazon DSP. View through Fredda, Azzgency’s technology


Secondly, identifying your target audience allows users to improve the campaign impact and determine which channel works better. That way, you can prioritise the most effective ones and eliminate low-performing ones, thanks to the following elements:

  • Organic searches
  • Social media Ads 
  • Blog posts
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Email marketing

You can add both Amazon Attribution channels such as YouTube, TikTok and Google Ads, together with your own channels.


Thirdly, once you have checked and monitored the elements in the previous point, you will be able to identify which channels your clients respond to most positively. Then, you can adapt the business plan to develop the next Ads marketing campaigns.

Plus, this information will allow you to understand both organic and paid traffic arriving on your Amazon products. In this sense, you will be able to strengthen those weaker areas in order to lead your target audience to more final purchases. In addition, organic traffic will improve your position in Amazon listings.

amazon DSP - azzgency fredda - ad sales
Ad Sales data from Amazon DSP. View through Fredda, Azzgency’s technology

4 main advantages


  • Provide information about the sales funnel: Amazon Attribution sheds light on conversion metrics through the first step of the sales funnel. In other words, it provides insights into the new brand buyers and the final sales so that you can adapt your strategy and increase brand awareness.
  • Performance measurement: Accessing data on the real impact of sales leads to determining which channels and techniques work for your campaign and which need some changes.
  • Covers all devices: Attribution gathers data on all conversions, whether on computers, laptops or mobile devices.
  • In-depth reports: In order to review the campaign performance, you can download the report depending on which information you need: channel, campaign, keyword, material or product.

How to use Amazon Attribution

Tracking the purchasing process on Amazon

Firstly, tracking options allow you to identify where non-Amazon buyers come from, also with links to product pages or Amazon Store. By doing so, it is possible to measure the effectiveness of your campaign when it comes to showing your product and increase conversion rates.

Strategic campaigns

Secondly, once you have a clear idea of the purchasing process, it is possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns in order to optimise them, as well as to launch remarketing, execute cross-selling or even design new products.

Get to know your audience

Once you use tags, you can collect information about your target audience based on social media posts linked to your Amazon Store and your product pages.

amazon DSP - azzgency fredda - budget spend
Budget Spend Data from Amazon DSP. View through Fredda, Azzgency’s technology

Optimise your investment

If you monitor traffic for brands and sellers, you will be able to identify whether your marketing campaign needs to be strengthened by adding or removing a particular channel. In this sense, it provides a deeper understanding of ROI (Return Of Investment), which allows a more accurate control of the money invested in campaigns.

Build brand awareness

Moreover, Amazon Attribution is key for brands whose catalog is only available in the marketplace, being this one the only way to gain visibility. That is why this feature attracts more buyers who trust Amazon better than an external seller. 

Measure your traffic

In order to measure the traffic, it is important to use tags to customise URLs and so measure clicks and conversions for each resource related to Amazon products. These tags facilitate the study of the results of each channel.

Amazon Attribution tags are key to understanding the results of each campaign on Amazon product pages and access specific statistics to find out where your buyers come from. For instance:

  • Ads Display
  • Paid Ads from external platforms such as Google
  • Social media posts
  • Organic searches
  • Newsletters in email marketing

Instead of waiting for buyers to find your products on Amazon, this feature optimises your listings and helps you understand your target audience. More traffic means more sales, as long as traffic is addressed to a more concrete target audience.

In summary, having all the information is essential in order to optimise and plan your digital strategies. If you are taking the first steps on Amazon or already have experience in marketing campaigns, Amazon Attribution provides a clear vision of its results. Do you want to discover what works best for your audience and benefit your brand? Make the most of this free tool.

Azzgency is a leader agency in Amazon Attribution since we have our own measurement tool to create better campaigns. Contact our team of experts for more information!


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