fredda.® technology data-based decisions

Our technology allows us to monitor, centralize, visualize, analyze and optimize each piece of data that may affect the management of your brand on Amazon.


Discover our exclusive features

Our clients have access to a complete interactive dashboard where they can consult the evolution of their products and the different modules with all the structured and centralized information. - fredda.® integrates more than 50 exclusive functionalities.

Seller Central

We integrate organic sales, advertising and all the information on your products and catalog so that you can know in detail the evolution of your business and the real profitability of each product in each country and at all times.

Advertising PPC

We analyze the profitability and performance of each Sponsored Products, Brands and Display campaigns – being able to optimize based on product data and the market – enhancing the results. Our tool monitors the ads of the competition to come to the right decision, optimizing investment and results.

Complete product analysis

We show complete daily updated analytics for each ASIN at the sales, performance, advertising, buy box, sales index, valuations and other key factors. Through interactive graphics, the evolution of each product and its variations in each country can be monitored in a unified way, simplifying management and rapid decision-making supported by data.

Content analysis and optimization

We control each factor that impacts the optimization of the content of your listings and we are able to measure how the conversion and positioning of each product evolves with the different changes through our own scoring algorithm.

Your data, in safe hands

Built entirely on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, we implement industry-standard technology for hosting, backups and firewalls. All data & code is protected by Amazon’s robust scale both in the cloud and at their data centers. All data is securely backed up AWS and is always transferred over SSL.

AWS Security &

Amazon certified staff

Azzgency is a certified international consultancy

Accelerate the knowledge and decision-making of your business through data analysis.

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