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Our technology allows us to monitor, extract, centralize, analyze and optimize each piece of data that may affect the management of your brand on Amazon.


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Our clients have access to a complete interactive dashboard where they can consult the evolution of their products and the different modules with all the structured and centralized information. - fredda.® integrates more than 50 exclusive functionalities.

Vendor Central - Retail

Through our own integration with Amazon Vendor Central, we are able to extract and organize all the information on POs, sales, margins, tickets, incidents and Brand Analytics. In addition, all this data is integrated with the rest of the data to make the best decisions at all times.

Seller Central

We integrate organic sales, advertising and all the information on your products and catalog so that you can know in detail the evolution of your business and the real profitability of each product in each country and at all times.


We analyze the profitability and performance of each Sponsor Products, Brands and Display campaign – being able to optimize based on the data of the products, the market and the competition – enhancing the results. Our tool monitors the ads of the competition to make the best decisions at all times and optimizing investment and results.

Complete product analysis

We show complete daily updated analytics for each ASIN at the sales, performance, advertising, SEO, buybox, sales index, valuations and other key factors. Through interactive graphics, the evolution of each product and its variations in each country can be monitored in a unified way, simplifying management and rapid decision-making supported by data.

Rankings and advanced SEO

We daily monitor the position changes of each ASIN for an unlimited number of keywords, creating ad hoc projects and being able to measure how the optimizations and strategies carried out affect the organic positioning of each product. We store the history of your products, their competition, each change, we do reverse analysis, we analyze the Sponsor Products for each keyword and we show the data and evolution in interactive graphics.

Prices and Sellers Monitoring

This module has been specifically developed to control the sale prices of each product in each country and control the sellers of the same – Amazon included. We can also monitor competitive products, establish benchmarks by product type and detect opportunities in the different verticals.

Content analysis and optimization

We control each factor that impacts the optimization of the content of your listings and we are able to measure how the conversion and positioning of each product evolves with the different changes through our own scoring algorithm. We also control if other vendors try to make any content changes and we analyze the content and optimizations made by your competition’s brands, establishing strategies based on data.

Brand Reputation - Brand Awareness

We monitor your brand’s reputation and its daily evolution at a global level, by country, by product and even by variations at the ASIN level. Our technology allows us to monitor and manage the ratings, reviews and performance of each product, carrying out operational monitoring and daily management of them. We control the performance of your vendors, your competition and benchmark the market, products and vendors.

Specific modules for each business

We know that each brand is different and has its own needs, so we continue to develop solutions
technology for each business model exclusive to the market

amazon fresh

Amazon FRESH - Supermarket

Technology applied to the management of Amazon Fresh at the optimization level, rankings, sales, geolocated positioning by each postal code.

Market and competition analysis

We analyze the market, the competition, the sellers, their prices and we can make very precise benchmarks, fundamental for the development and strategy of the brand.

falsificaciones amazon

Counterfeit Detection

Our vast experience in managing large licenses worldwide has led us to develop specific tools for detecting potential counterfeits.

seller amazon stock vendor

Vendor stock estimation

Knowing the stock of other sellers - including Amazon - can help you plan your strategy, control prices and prevent the sale of your brand from other countries.

amazon advertising

Competitor ad control

We can make reports of competition ads by keyword, spending estimates, discover new opportunities, optimize and reduce investment costs.

amazon benchmark

Benchmarking tool

Our tool allows you to carry out an exhaustive follow-up and compare your own products with the competition ASINs over time. Control your competition!

Amazon Certified Team

Azzgency is a certified consultancy with international reach

Accelerate the knowledge and decision-making of your business through data analysis.

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