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5 Expert Tips to Optimise your Amazon DSP Campaigns

amazon dsp expert tips

How to optimise your advertising campaigns on and off Amazon? In the following article you will find a guide to boost and optimise your Amazon DSP marketing strategy, with great attention to every detail.

Amazon DSP: Demand Side Platform

Firstly, Amazon DSP is a Demand-Side-Platform, that is to say, an advertising platform, which allows advertisers to acquire programmatic ads both on and off of Amazon. If you want to learn more about Amazon DSP, you can check out this complete guide for beginners.

How do Amazon DSP ads work?

To start with, once advertisers place ads, they participate in an auction where the highest bidder wins. Through Amazon DSP, advertisers can access Amazon Ads technology such as Amazon Ad Server, Amazon Marketing Cloud and Amazon Publisher Services.

Types of campaigns and ads

There are different types of advertising campaigns that can be run on Amazon. Below you will find out about the different programmatic advertising, defined as the automated buying and selling of digital advertising space on a specific web page. The brand itself can publish its own ads, but apart from that, there is a consultancy service available for advertisers who want to access Amazon DSP inventory for an investment.

  • Display

These ads combine text, images and CTA (calls to action) as a link to the brand page. They are usually found in different parts of any website in several formats and are a way of measuring the reach data of each campaign. In this way, they are a key element of any advertising campaign, complemented by other types of ads.

  • Audio

Given the rise of smart speakers such as Siri and Alexa, as well as other audio devices or platforms, these types of ads have proven to have a great impact on both brand recognition and purchase intent. In a 10-30 second window, you can introduce your brand and reach millions of people thanks to Amazon’s inventory.

  • Video

On the other hand, we can use in-stream and out-stream video ads that they cannot be skipped, such as others. These can be published during movies, series and streaming platforms such as Twitch to make your brand known among an audience of over 100 million people per month, according to Amazon’s statistics.

5 steps to optimise your Amazon DSP campaigns


1. Define your audience

First of all, you have to define the audience you want to reach with your brand as specific as possible. For this purpose, you have to segment the population according to different factors such as demographics, lifestyle, interests, age, gender or economic status. Personalising your campaigns is the first step towards optimisation.

Besides, through a remarketing or retargeting campaign you can reach audiences that have already shown interest in your products, either by viewing your brand’s products, other similar products, or simply by searching for the keyword that defines your products. By doing so, they become a relevant audience for your brand.

2. Set clear goals

Once you have defined your audience, it is important to set the goals of your campaign. Amazon DSP features the option to launch goal-based bidding to optimise and measure results more effectively. Choose the KPIs based on the results you want to achieve, that is:

  • Reach
  • Conversion
  • CTR
  • Brand awareness
  • Sales increase
  • ROAS (Return on ad spend)

This must be established with a specific budget to ensure greater control over your campaign performance.

3. Set up a strategy

Depending on the types of audience that best adjusts to your brand, it is recommended to differentiate between those who have already bought your product and those who haven’t. This way, you will be able to choose when to target each audience, takinto into account that you should leave some time between campaigns for those who bought your product, as a reminder.

4. Create content

Depending on the type of ad, you will have to define its size and content. In addition, you can include third party content and even reviews, if you have any products with good ratings and positive feedback. 

  • Copy: a clear, direct and persuasive communication regarding the benefits of each product. The descriptions must include CTAs and keywords, following a research of your potential customers searches.
  • Design: both pictures and video. Any visual element must send a clear and coherent message with the copy that accompanies the advertisement. It is also important to use quality images and take into account the storytelling of your brand.
  • Size and format: depending on the page or device on which they are published, ads will be displayed differently, that means it will look different on a desktop computer and a mobile phone. This should be taken into account when creating the material.

This details will help you maximise the performance of your campaigns.

5. Analise metrics

During the development of the campaign, it is important to keep track of all the steps we take. In this manner,, depending on the results, you will be able to detect the strengths and weaknesses in order to know what to improve in the next campaign. You can use Amazon DSP’s reporting tools.

Likewise, before launching your first campaign, you can try an A/B testing to test several different ads at the same time and compare their performance.

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