Our team manages your brand worldwide by means of specialized technology.

We offer a 360º service that goes far beyond marketing campaigns. We provide strategies, daily and operational management, structures, technology and experience for international brand management.

amazon agency

Our services

We are your partner specialized in Amazon


Comprehensive brand management

We want to be a business partner as a branch of our partners' Amazon department to carry out all tasks.


Advanced Marketing

As Certified Partners, we manage all campaign types for major brands on Amazon, using proprietary technology.


DSP Campaigns

We show your products to the most lookalike audiences to enhance the effectiveness of campaigns and branding.


Daily operations

Our expert team uses ad hoc technology to manage all the daily operations of any account: Vendor, Seller or Hybrid.


Brand protection

Price stabilisation and monitoring, control over listings, reputation, sellers and much more.


Advanced Analytics

Thanks to fredda.®, our proprietary technology, we measure everything related to your brand and make data-driven decisions.


Content Optimisation

By means of our processes and technology, we optimize large catalogues to maximize conversion.

Strategic Consultancy

Extensive experience with major international brands that need a specialist Partner for guidance.



We have local teams, offices, and warehouses in Europe, the United States, and Latin America to provide high-quality local services.


Warehousing and shipping

Do you need bundling, handling or shipping services? We have proprietary warehouses in several countries at your disposal.


Sales and distribution

We are distributors of major brands in different countries. Our team and structure can help you through the entire process.


Training for companies

We can train your internal teams in any aspect related to Amazon sales to enhance the company's know-how.

Internationalize your brand thanks to our capabilities.

Extensive experience in international management

Our work team is made up of professionals from different countries that have extensive experience in international sales.

We own offices and warehouses in Europe, the US and Latin America

We have offices and warehouses in Europe, the United States and Latin America in order to provide premium services locally.

amazon internacionalizacion

Why choose Azzgency?

A highly specialised expert team

We manage major international brands and sell products in more than 70 categories, achieving great success in very competitive environments.

fredda.® proprietary technology

Our technology has been specifically developed to centralize, structure, control, analyze and optimize every piece of data.

Experts in international operations

Team and technology designed to manage the daily operations of Vendor Central and Seller Central for both our clients and distributors.

We have managed our own sales for more than 8 years

Unlike other agencies, we have more than 8 years of experience in Amazon sales. Currently, we continue selling, so we are experts in the whole process.

Our company values

We manage your brand as if they were our own


We have an expert team of professionals with extensive experience in every stage of the service provision.


We fully adapt to our client's objectives, to their needs at all times, to their expectations and resources.


We maintain a very close and fluid day-to-day relationship with our clients, in the bad times as well as in the good times.

Build your business based on the comprehensive analysis of your data by means of fredda.®, our proprietary technology.

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