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Amazon Enterprise technology for data-driven decision making

Thanks to our technology developed for Amazon, we can extract, analyse and structure every piece of information about the brand, the environment and the competition in order to take the best decisions at all times.

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Retail Analytics (Vendor)

Due to the integration of Amazon Vendor Central, we are able to extract and organise all the information from POs, sales, margins, tickets, conversion and Brand Analytics.

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Analysis of Market Share

Technology to monitor brands' products at aggregate, organic and advertising levels. Get to know your market share by keywords, categories or verticals


Advanced advertising

We analyse the profitability and performance of Sponsored Products, Brands and Display campaigns. That we are able to optimise the performance based on product, market and competition data and thus improving the results.

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Pricing and Buybox

A system developed to control the selling prices of each product in each country and to control the sellers of the products, Amazon included.


Advanced SEO

We monitor daily changes in the positions of each ASIN and keyword, creating and measuring how optimisations and strategies affect positioning.

product metrics

Product analysis

We show complete daily updated analytics for each ASIN in terms of sales, performance, advertising, SEO, buybox, sales index, valuations and other key factors.


Brand reputation

We monitor your brand's reputation and its daily evolution globally, by country, by product, and even by ASIN variations.


Amazon Marketing Cloud

We build custom dashboards with the most valuable data for each brand, from customer journey, attribution models, new-to-brand and real effectiveness of each type of ad.


Optimisation and content control

We monitor all the factors that influence the optimisation of your ad content and can measure the different changes by using our own scoring algorithm.

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Amazon Fresh

Technology applied to the management of Amazon Fresh in terms of optimisation, rankings, sales, geolocalised positioning for each zip code.


Market and competition

We analyse the market, the competition, the vendors, their prices in order to make very precise benchmarks, which is key for the development and strategy of the brand.

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Our tool allows you to comprehensively track and compare your products with competitors' ASINS throughout the weeks. Control your competition!

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Estimation of stock from other vendors

Knowing the stock of other sellers — including Amazon — can help you plan your strategy, control prices and prevent the sale of your brand from other countries.

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Counterfeit detection

Our vast experience in the management of large licenses worldwide has led us to develop specific tools for the detection of potential counterfeits.


Seller Central

Monitor sales, conversion, traffic, FBA costs, advertising and everything the brand needs to know to control and improve the performance of Amazon Seller Central.

Exclusive technology of Amazon Marketing Cloud

We use data, technology and analytics to help brands make their advertising more effective.

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Benefits of using our


Full control of your brand on Amazon

Monitor your products, prices, sellers, reputation, performance and every detail of your brand on Amazon in a structured and scalable way.


Take data-driven decisions

Our success is based on being able to take data-driven decisions, which allows us to stay ahead of the competition and take better and faster decisions.


Increase your sales and positioning

The use of our technology increases your brands' sales and boosts positioning and market share in the channel through valuable insights and actionable insights.


Understand the market and your competition

We monitor everything the competition is doing at the organic, strategic and marketing levels to be very fast and effective in our decision making.

agency dashbaord

Customised dashboards and analytics

We do not use technology by third parties, so we develop interactive dashboards and ad-hoc insights for our partners, while adapting to their needs.

Access your data in a
structured and 100% transparent way

Our technology is solid and secure

A system to keep the security of the data and digital information.

Individual passwords for each employee of the company and thus control collaborators in every project.

Our data center provider maintains industry-recognised certifications, including FedRAMP, ISO, SOC 2 and more.

Certified systems to protect critical assets against cyber threats.

A strong system, with no weaknesses or security gaps, certified by third parties.

Our technology has been audited by external verifiers.

Our technology has been audited:

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Scanning for vulnerabilities and cybersecurity weaknesses in a digital infrastructure to prevent data leakage.

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iRISK Platform

Audit, analysis, evaluation and control of risks to avoid vulnerabilities of our technology.

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Analysis and review of code consistency and efficiency and integration with DevOps platforms and CI/CD workflow.

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