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Market Share Intelligence for Brands on Amazon.

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What functionalities do we offer?

Evolution and daily comparison

With our technology, you will be able to know the market share of your brands and products, as well as their daily evolution in the channel for each keyword or in an aggregated form.

This information allows you to understand how your strategy evolves compared to your competition, both in organic and advertising levels, and make the best decisions based on real and measurable data

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Boost your Ad campaigns with high-value data

We improve your Sponsored Ads campaigns by monitoring the competition’s ads and the keywords they are using in each type of ad.

We can find out where the competition is investing, make budget estimations, understand their investment strategy, and make better decisions in your campaigns with real data

Actionable steps for your Amazon strategy

We provide major brands with benchmarks, market data, environmental insights, and performance analysis that enable them to optimize their strategy, make better decisions, increase their sales and market share, identify strategies, and identify potential threats from their competition.

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Enterprise Technology for Big Brands

More than 100 functionalities available with our fredda.® technology

With our technology developed for Amazon, we can extract, analyze and structure every piece of information about the brand, the environment and the competition in order to make the best decisions at all times.

Access your data in a
structured and 100% transparent form

Our technology is robust and secure

System to keep data and digital information secure.

Individual user access and permissions and control of collaborators in projects.

Our data center provider maintains industry-recognized certifications, including FedRAMP, ISO, SOC 2 and more.

Certified systems to protect critical assets against cyber threats.

A strong system, with no weaknesses or security gaps, certified by third parties.

Our technology has been audited by external verifiers.

Our technology has been audited:

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Scanning for vulnerabilities and cybersecurity weaknesses in a digital infrastructure to prevent data leakage.

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iRISK Platform

Audit, analysis, evaluation and risk control to defend the technology from vulnerabilities.

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Analysis and review of code consistency and efficiency and integration with Dev Ops platforms and CI/CD workflow.

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