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We manage all the daily operations of your business on Amazon.


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With our specialized team in operations and our own fredda.® technology, we manage Vendor and Seller Central, tickets, credit notes, forecasts, performance, and more.

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Featured services we offer

Nuestros clientes tienen acceso a un panel interactivo que les permite monitorear en tiempo real su marca, incluyendo indicadores clave de rendimiento (KPIs) como análisis de competencia, precios, SEO, gestión de catálogo y muchas otras funcionalidades.

1- Vendor Central – Retail management

Our company specializes in managing large clients, the majority of whom sell through international Vendor Central accounts. We have exclusive proprietary technology in the market focused on comprehensive management of retail accounts, including purchase orders (POs), tickets, incidents, cases, catalog, stocks, analytics, charges, and more.

2- Seller Central

We take care of the total or partial management of your Seller Central (3P) account for any product, category, and country. With our specialised team, our know-how, and technology, we control all aspects of the account to create the maximum volume of sales

3-Management of catalogs

Currently, we manage over 200,000 products and have a specialized team dedicated to international catalog management. With our technology, we are able to optimize, control, and monitor all products of a brand in any country.

4-Incidents, tickets and notifications

Amazon is very demanding in its daily operations and requires a high level of internal resources from brands. That’s why we have a dedicated department and proprietary technology specifically developed to manage the daily operations in any country, category, and for any product.

5- Customer service, Q&A y reviews

Our native multi-language team, technology applied to buyer support, reviews, and reputation management allows us to provide exceptional service to our partners. We are accustomed to managing large volumes of reviews, questions, and incidents in diverse verticals such as pharmacy, food, cosmetics, clothing, toys, and electronics.

6-Integrations and processes – VC, SC, ERP, EDI…

Our IT department is highly experienced in developing integrations for our clients, both ad hoc and direct integrations with their ERP systems – EDI, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or any other – with their Vendor or Seller Central account or other management tools.

7-Amazon FCA Order Management

Very few consulting firms in the world have real knowledge about Amazon’s FCA order management through its platform for vendors. For large manufacturers with high purchase volumes, we manage their FOB orders directly from the factory, ensuring all the guarantees and requirements of Amazon are met.

8-Reporting, processes, analytics and internal control

Whether you sell as a Vendor or Seller, we offer a fully integrated dashboard for both platforms. This dashboard allows you to access unified analytics in a single platform, where you can easily monitor and analyze your performance. Furthermore, our team of operations experts in international sales will audit your entire logistics operation, processes, and analytics to optimize every detail and maximize the benefits of your sales.

9-Control of parallel markets andvendors

We have our own warehouses and offices in Europe, USA, and Latin America, allowing us to take care of everything for you. We can provide high-value services to brands through logistics, preparation of special bundles for Amazon, labeling, picking, and packing. No other agency or consulting firm offers our services

Specific modules for each business


We understand that each brand is unique and has its own specific needs. Therefore, we continue to develop tailored solutions to meet those needs.
technologies for each exclusive business model in the market

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Amazon FRESH – Supermarket

Technology applied to the management of Amazon Fresh in terms of optimization, rankings, sales, geolocalized positioning for each zip code.

Market and competitive analysis

We analyze the market, competition, sellers, and their prices, and we can create precise benchmarks that are essential for brand development and strategy.

Counterfeit detection

Our vast experience in the management of large licenses worldwide has led us to develop specific tools for the detection of potential counterfeits.


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Vendor Stock Estimation

Knowing the stock of other sellers, including Amazon, can help you plan your strategy, control prices, and prevent the sale of your brand from other countries.

Competitor Ad Control

We can generate reports on competitor advertisements based on keywords, provide estimates of their ad spending, discover new opportunities, and optimize and reduce investment costs.

Benchmarking tool

Our tool allows you to comprehensively track and compare your own products with competitors’ ASINS throughout the weeks. Control your competition!

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