We sell our own products and distribute those of major brands.

Thanks to our structure with local teams, offices and warehouses as well as our own sales accounts —Vendor and Seller— in more than 50 categories, we can sell worldwide with guaranteed success.

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Brand distributions

We are experts in the sale of major international brands


Goals aligned with the brand

We are not an ordinary distributor, we are a long-term partner with the same goals as the brands we work with.


Monitoring dashboard

Even though we sell, we provide brands with access to a monitoring dashboard containing all the information.


Access to our data

We share all the business data with brands, who can use it to plan a joint strategy on Amazon.


Our own warehouses

We have proprietary warehouses and offices in Europe, the United States and Latin America, so we can take care of everything.


Our own sales accounts

We have several Seller Central and Vendor Central accounts worldwide, access to Amazon Fresh, and even our own AVS.


Expert team

Azz has senior teams highly specialised in each process and task for the optimal management of major Amazon accounts.

Some of the brands we distribute and sell:

harry potter amazon
regional co amazon
pocoyo amazon

Why are we different from the rest?

Thanks to our business model, we can combine the best of the consulting world with technology and direct sales.

Team, experience, know-how and consulting management

Proprietary technology from a leading technology company

Structure and experience in international sales

Interactive dashboard with:

Sales, KPIs, operations and advanced analytics

Access to a dashboard containing the different modules with all the structured and centralised information.

Marketing, SEO, rankings, content and much more

We make faster and more effective decisions based on data to optimize every detail.

Price and sellers monitoring

We control your brand in the channel by monitoring your sellers, prices, and competition to determine the right strategies.

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Why choose a third party to distribute your brand?

Savings in direct and indirect costs

We take care of everything by means of our international Vendor Central and Seller Central accounts, warehouses, structure, technology and expert team.

Focus on your core business

We know how important and complex daily brand management on Amazon can be, so we take care of your brand as if it were our own.

Hybrid sales model

We are so flexible that we can sell some of your catalogue products and special bundles or take over the distribution in a specific country.

In addition, Azz is specialised in the design, development and subsequent sale of new products in different categories.

No other consultancy or agency can understand the true needs of a brand in terms of product design and development, daily operational needs, and real international sales because they do not proactively sell their own or third-party products as we do through our own Seller Central and Vendor Central accounts.


Detection of opportunities

Thanks to our market and trend monitoring technology, we can detect opportunities for brands to launch or improve new products.


Product design

We have extensive experience in the design, development, manufacture and import of products for both proprietary brands and leading licences.


Licencing experts

We manage major licences on Amazon in several countries and sell licenced products specially designed for selling in the channel.

Would you like to choose us to distribute your brand on Amazon?

Global solutions for our partners.

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