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Amazon DSP: Complete Guide for Beginners

Amazon DSP beginners guide

Do you want to learn about Amazon DSP? This complete guide for beginners covers the main points when it comes to planning an efficient and cost-effective strategy for launching your brand’s digital advertising. Read on and find out how to make the most of Amazon DSP!

In the face of growing sales in e-commerce, new and more complex ways of reaching potential customers emerge — one of the them is programmatic advertising or programmatic buyingWhere are ads placed and how do you get the data you need to reach the right customers? Amazon’s platform allows access to millions of users around the world in a simple way, as detailed below.

What is Amazon DSP: Demand Side Platform

First of all,  a demand-side platform is a software that allows you to manage ads and whose purchase is centralised from multiple sources. Secondly, programmatic advertising refers to the automated buying and selling of digital advertising space, such as the space for ads on a website, as defined on Amazon’s official website.

Therefore, Amazon DSP is a platform that allows advertisers to programatically buy and manage display, video and audio ads in a single user-friendly interface. These can be published both on and off Amazon, as well as mobile applications that are associated with Amazon.

On this basis, Amazon DSP becomes an ideal tool for brands seeking to manage their advertising, since it allows to customise ads and to segment the audience according to different factors such as demographics, interests and behaviours, thus reaching a specific target audience depending on each brand.

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Find out the main advantages of Amazon DSP

Who can use Amazon DSP?

To begin with, the service provided by Amazon DSP is available to advertisers who sell products on Amazon as well as those who do not. In fact, it can be likewise used to promote products even if the brand does not have an Amazon online shop.

In addition, there are two options available:

  • Self-service: the client has full control over ads and campaigns.
  • Managed service: better for companies seeking to access Amazon DSP audiences or need assessment regarding programmatic ads. This option has a required cost, which varies depending on the country.

Main differences between Amazon DSP and other advertising services

On the one hand, it could be compared to Sponsored Display. While this is a self-service advertising product, Amazon DSP allows you to buy ads programmatically, which also include display ads.

On the other hand, there are Sponsored Ads. Unlike these, Amazon DSP allows brands to advertise their products outside Amazon and can be used by brands that don’t own an Amazon online shop.

The 6 main advantages of Amazon DSP


  1. A wider reach. Since brands can run ads both on and off Amazon, they can reach a wider audience of Amazon’s millions of users.
  2. Customised reach. These ads allow brands to reach potential customers specially defined according to the brand’s requirements. This is possible due to buyers’ behaviour data collected by Amazon.
  3. Extra audience. Besides, you can target buyers who already know or have shown interest in similar products in order to find your brand.
  4. Exclusive Amazon audience. Only for Amazon DSP users.
  5. Real-time reporting. Amazon DSP allows you to access real-time reporting metrics regarding campaign performance, so you can analyse the data during the campaign and improve it so you can get a better result and control the cost.
  6. Detailed reports. These reports include reach data by channel and metrics for a more detailed information about the performance, including factors such as views and cost per page view.

Do you have an online shop and want to launch an advertising campaign? Whether it is for publishing or managing programmatic ads as well as how to sell on Amazon, contact our team of experts at Azzgency. Feel free to contact us and get advice from experts with years of experience.