We manage your brand image, its reputation, visibility and awareness on Amazon.

Through our specialized team, technology, competitive environment, and data analysis, we empower and control your brand.

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We manage your brand internationally

We boost your image and visibility through technology, data and strategy


Catalogue management

We create, optimize and control your catalog in 6 languages regardless of the number of references and categories.


Brand Awareness and Visibility

We boost and give greater visibility to your products through monitoring and optimization strategies and technology.


Reputation and Reviews

We monitor your brand reputation, product reviews and manage their daily evolution.


Content optimization

Through our fredda.® scoring algorithm, we analyze, monitor, and optimize every detail to improve performance.


A-B Testings

Continuous A/B testing of every factor that can affect the conversion of listings, stores, and marketing campaigns.


Advanced SEO

We measure every detail we optimize at the front and back end of the ASINS to analyze its impact on the results for each keyword.


Brand Stores

Advanced analytics and a strategy behind every detail of your store, whether it's to convert more, to generate brand awareness or both.


A+ y A+ Premium

We study every detail of your products, brand image, competition, and conversion to create and optimize them to the maximum.


Offer analysis

In-depth study of the catalog, creation of new bundles, packaging, market benchmarks, and market positioning.

Continuous optimizations based on measurable data

A/B testing of every detail

The top sellers on Amazon run conversion tests on every detail of their listings to try to anticipate buyers' needs and conduct experiments to optimize each stage of their sales funnel.

Optimization measurement technology

With our tool, we can not only measure how each optimization affects conversion, rankings, SEO, or advertising campaigns but also have an internal scoring in which we analyze the evolution of the optimizations made.

amazon testing
brand stores

Premium content for your brand and products

Professional storefronts

Our strategy team has been developing stores for many years to meet the different objectives of each brand.

We boost your brand image

Amazon buyers will be able to learn about your brand story and discover your products catalogue.

More sales and visibility

A well-developed and structured store increases visibility boosts Sponsored Brand campaigns and improves sales.

Continuous content optimisation

With fredda.®, we use data to optimize every detail of the content that affects conversion, positioning, and brand image.

A structured process for content optimization.

Environment and structure of processes and variables to be measured

All optimizations are done in a 100% controlled environment to have an exact measurement of each tested variable.

Monitoring, analysis and results

After a thorough analysis of the variables tested, we apply the results to improve conversion and visibility.

amazon optimizaciones

What do we offer our brand partners?

Real experience in big account management and own sales


We have an ultra-specialized professional team with extensive experience in every part of the service provided.


We fully adapt to our client's objectives, to their needs at all times, and to their expectations and resources.


We maintain a very close and fluid day-to-day relationship with our clients, in the bad times as well as in the good times.

Shall we talk about how we can help you?

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