Advanced marketing campaign management on Amazon through proprietary technology.

We are specialized in advertising campaigns oriented towards visibility and great results for major international brands.

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Increase your campaign sales on Amazon

Results-oriented marketing


Advanced strategy

We plan and execute the entire brand strategy to achieve your goals together with our specialized expert team.


Sponsored Products & Brands

We improve your campaigns' performance, increase sales and control ACoS.


Display Ads

Thanks to our micro-optimization system, we boost sales by accurately segmenting products and audiences.


Programmatic - DSP

We show your products to the most lookalike audiences to improve the effectiveness of campaigns and branding.


Targeted sampling

We let your segmented target customers try your products in person. Boost your brand visibility!


Sponsorships and special actions

Section sponsorships, special events, coupon campaigns, discounts, flash sales, Pay per Click, and influencer marketing.

fredda.® proprietary technology

Reporting and control dashboard

Thanks to our dashboard, clients can make a comprehensive and totally transparent daily monitoring of the different advertising campaigns.

Advanced optimisations

Our technology can not only analyze the metrics of different campaigns but also optimize other factors such as content quality, reputation or whatever the competition is doing.

Ultra-segmentation process

We follow an intensive segmentation process in campaigns and advertisements for each product and media, taking into account more than twenty factors that influence the campaign performance.

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We manage all types of campaigns

Equipment, strategy and technology

Search campaigns

Programmatic and DSP

Special campaigns

Some of our clients

What can we offer our clients?

International senior specialist team

Our teams are made up of professionals specialised in the different areas of Amazon marketing, including ex-Amazon employees and specialists with many years of experience.

Flexibility and full transparency

We understand and align with the needs of each brand and its goals in order to adapt to continuous and unavoidable changes. We are 100% crystal clear regarding investments and management.

Wide experience in managing major advertisers

We manage all kinds of campaigns on a daily basis for highly demanding international brands in very competitive categories on Amazon, so we know what it's like to optimise every last KPI.

Advanced Optimisations

We analyse and optimise not only marketing campaigns but also all the factors that directly influence their conversion.

Store Fronts

Every day, we analyze each part of the store according to the brand's goals, which may be brand awareness, conversion or visibility.

A+ Contents, and A+ Premium

We are experts in converting content as much as possible with our data-driven optimization technology.

A/B testing for maximum optimisation

The best marketing campaign performance can only be achieved by means of constant optimization with A/B testing.

amazon optimizaciones

Our partners' expected results:

- An average increase in sales of more than 120% and an average reduction of 40% in ACoS.
ventas amazon

Increased orders and sales

An exponential increase in sales on any Amazon marketplace worldwide.

ACoS improvement

Significant ACoS reduction in our clients' Sponsored Products and Brands campaigns.

Boosted brand visibility

We provide the perfect shopping experience to boost your brand visibility to potential buyers.

Amazon certified staff

Azzgency is a certified international consultancy

Do you want to improve your advertising campaigns?

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