Your brand, your rules.

We offer processes, know-how and technological solutions so that all the accounts we manage can protect their brands, control their channels, monitor prices and sellers, and search and remove counterfeits and duplicate products.

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Protect your brand through data analysis

Experience and proven technology in major international brands

Reputation and Awareness

We control and boost brand reputation and product performance by increasing organic traffic, improving rankings, visibility and sales.

Price monitoring

We know how important it is for some brands to control prices in order to avoid problems with traditional retail and maintain brand positioning in the market.


We monitor the performance of the sellers of your products, their reputation, prices and stock. We are able to identify undesirable sellers for your products.

We have developed exclusive technology for brand control and monitoring on Amazon.

Reputation and brand image control on Amazon.

Product reviews

Thanks to our technology, we monitor in real time the reputation and reviews of our clients' products in each marketplace through our customer success team, which gives the most appropriate response at all times.

Brand image and potential dangers

We are experts in brand image protection, being able to detect, prevent and monitor reviews, actions and other behaviors potentially dangerous to the reputation of your brand and products.

Counterfeits, duplicate products and hijackings

Thanks to our extensive experience working with different licenses worldwide, we developed a technology that is able to detect possible counterfeits and unofficial products in each marketplace, removing these products from Amazon.

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precios amazon

Full Price Control

Price variation monitoring and analysis

Specifically developed to control sellers and selling prices of each product – Amazon incluided – , avoiding problems with traditional retail and brand image.

Competitor price control

We can monitor competitors' products, establish benchmarks by product type, and detect opportunities or weaknesses in different areas.

Price stabilisation strategies

With updated and organized information we are able to carry out different actions to stabilize market prices through technology and experience gained in the management of large brands very exposed to traditional retail.

Seller monitoring

Control your sellers' performance

For many brands, it is key to control the quality of the sellers in order to maintain an excellent brand reputation and avoid problems caused by third parties.

Stock estimation and risk analysis

Knowing other sellers' stock, including Amazon, can help you plan your strategy, control prices, and prevent your brand from being sold from other countries.

Parallel market patterns analysis

After having managed and distributed international brands with multiple sellers in each country, we have developed ad hoc technology to analyze behavioral parameters and identify when Amazon is buying your products in multiple countries.

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We can help you control your brand in each channel with our know-how and proprietary technology.

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