We manage brands making data-driven decisions using our technology.

Our team of expert analysts uses fredda.®, a proprietary data analysis technology, to make real-time decisions that yield the best results.

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Major brands have already placed their trust in us

We make data-driven decisions using fredda.®, our proprietary technology for Amazon


Data mining

We retrieve data from more than 50 different sources through both API connections and our own in-house developed retrieval technology.


Centralization and analysis

Unlike other third-party tools, we can apply all data to Amazon's daily management decision-making.



Our teams rely on structured and analyzed data to make the best decisions at the right time, improving results exponentially.

We generate value based on your products' behavioral data and the analysis of the competitive environment.

We build an updated environment of high-quality structured data.

+ 50 different sources of data

We retrieve the largest amount of data from both direct integrations with Amazon's different platforms and proprietary technology for daily data collection and monitoring.

Top-quality updated data

All structured and analyzed data collected from different sources are continuously updated to ensure top quality for the best decision-making.

Own data + market + competition

Our technology is not limited to analyzing all aspects related to your brand. It can also monitor and retrieve data from the market and the competition.

dashboard amazon

Interactive monitoring and control dashboard.

Exclusively available to our clients

Access to a dashboard to monitor the different modules, with structured and centralized information.

Specific modules for each business type

We know that each brand is different and has its own needs, so we continuously develop unique technology solutions for each business model in the market.

Customized data

We customise developments to structure data and their display in the way that best suits the operation and business model of our partners.

Advanced data-driven optimizations.

Business development, strategy and operations

Thanks to the analysis of high-quality data, we improve sales, change strategies quickly and control daily operations.

Benchmark and content analysis

By means of A/B testing campaigns and competitive analysis, we increase the conversion rate, improving results.

Advertising - AMS, DSP and others.

Our advertising technology and team analyse every detail and optimise each campaign type to the maximum.

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Different data sources are fully integrated to enrich our analytical environment.

amazon tech

Vendor Central - Retail

Through proprietary integration with Amazon, we can retrieve and organise all the information from POs, sales, margins, tickets, incidents and Brand Analytics.

Seller Central

We integrate all the information for you to learn in detail your business' evolution and the real profitability of each product, in each country, and at each moment.

Benchmarking tool

Our tool facilitates the exhaustive monitoring and comparison of your own products with competitors' ASINs over several weeks.

Building a data universe for Amazon

tecnologia amazon

Retail Data


Seller Central Data


Advertising Rich Data


SEO y Rankings Data


Price Analysis data


Content Analysis data


Reputation Data


Performance Data


... and more than 50 data channels

fredda.® - Technology developed exclusively for Amazon

Interactive dashboard for brands

Access to a dashboard with the different modules containing all the structured and centralised information.

Exclusive data for decision-making

We make faster and more effective decisions based on data to optimise every detail.

Monitor your brand, channel and competitors

We control your brand in the channel by monitoring your sellers, prices and competitors to implement the right strategies.


Do you want us to analyse your brand?

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