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We develop and execute winning strategies for any Shein brand worldwide through proprietary technology and a skilled team.


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What services do we offer?

How do we make the most out of the brands we manage?

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A specialised team in Shein with experience in marketplace and e-commerce management

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Data-driven decisions based on analytics and technology

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Strategy fully aligned with our partners and Shein teams

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Global operational capacity with international teams and in-house warehouses

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Optimal choice and management of the catalogue and products to maximise performance

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We can sell through our own sales accounts or manage the brand's own account

Official Partner of Shein

We are an Official Partner of Shein as a full-service agency, standing out as one of the few agencies with in-house fulfillment, without outsourcing, a highly qualified internal team and its own sales accounts.

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In-house fulfillment in Europe, LATAM, USA and MENA

We have our own warehouses, which allows us to offer a complete range of services including picking, packing, storage, shipping and bundling.

Our own sales accounts

We can distribute and sell your brand, operate on Shein both as an official brand shop or as a reseller. We work closely with your brand, developing strategies and executing the channel in collaboration with you to ensure your brand’s success on Shein.


We can buy your product

Unlike other Shein agencies, one of our main advantages lies in our ability to acquire products through our distribution division and streamline the operation for brands in a quick time frame. 

Ultra-specialised Shein sales team

Our success is based on our know-how, a specialised team and experience with major brands.

We have the best professionals working on Shein, both strategically and operationally, to ensure optimal results. We are also experts in operations, picking, packing and our in-house fulfillment. We are the fastest growing Shein agency.

Everything you need to know about Shein

What is Shein?


Shein is a global online fashion and lifestyle retailer committed to making fashion beauty accessible to customers around the world. It is an e-commerce platform that has earned a worldwide reputation for offering a wide variety of clothing, accessories and beauty items at affordable prices. Founded in 2008, this China-based brand has experienced exponential growth and has become one of the preferred choices for online fashion lovers.

One of Shein’s most outstanding features is its ability to stay at the forefront of fashion trends. Its catalogue is updated with thousands of new products every week, which means that customers always find something new and exciting to add to their wardrobe. In addition, the platform allows users to browse and buy products from all over the world, providing a unique global shopping experience.

Facts about Shein that interest you as a seller

  • Shein has millions of monthly active users.
  • 147 million SHEIN followers on social media platforms.
  • They sell to customers in over 150 countries.
  • 63 warehouses at global level.
  • Right from the seller’s platform, you can sell all over the world.

What fee does Shein charge to sellers?


Unlike other marketplaces, Shein’s commission per sale is 10% of the sale price.

Who manages logistics on Shein?


Logistics on Shein are handled by the seller, so Shein doesn’t offer fulfillment services. If you are interested in selling on Shein, Azzgency offers a complete solution that includes storage, picking, packing, shipping and returns.

How do payments to the seller work on Shein?


The payment process is very simple as follows:

  1. The client pays for the product
  2. The client receives the product
  3. Shein confirms after 7 days and the payment is applied
  4. Every Monday, Shein pays for the made orders
  5. The seller receives the payment after 1-3 days

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