Brand Protection

Protect your brand and reputation on Amazon

Whether you’re a brand that sells proactively on Amazon (Seller or Vendor Central), or you only sell to your distributors, you should not leave your catalog open to third parties to modify your products, content and images that can impact on your brand reputation.

“90% of Amazon users read reviews and recognize that these condition their purchase decisions”

For any brand, regardless of whether it sells directly on Amazon or not, it is vital to control the reputation of your brand, your products and your sellers in all the marketplaces. A brand that does not proactively control its reputation can have very negative results in its performance and image.

What Reputation Management

Take control of all the products of your brand, its contents, images, texts and unify in all countries under a single strategy.

Fed up of other vendors changing the contents of your products or duplicating them? With our program specifically developed for registered brands, we will take control of all your products, their contents, images, will merge the duplicate products and both eliminate and pursue counterfeits and their sellers. Your listings will be fully optimized in all marketplaces with fraudulent vendors on the run.

Control the prices of your distributors and find out who does not comply with your MAP.

We offer you a panoramic view of the quantity, origin and origin of all your distributors. You will know how many products are sold by each distributor and how many are not complying with the MAP. We can detect which distributors are accumulating the most catalogue infractions.


We have learned that a proactive strategy of the brand trying to maintain stable prices of distributors reduces more than 70% of customer complaints from other distributors, retailers and operators, both online and offline.


Why is it so important to protect your brand on Amazon?

For any company it is vital to protect your brand on a channel as critical as Amazon and not leave it unprotected for other unscrupulous vendors to modify and degrade content, images, keywords and layout that has a negative knock-on effect to the product conversion.


Should I protect my brand even if we are not selling directly?

Regardless of whether the brand sells or not through Amazon, it is imperative to control the channel and its vendors, the quality of products and listings and offer a  high added value to sellers around the world who want to sell your products.

Why is Amazon's reputation so important?

A bad reputation in Amazon, with the enormous volume of visits that it has, does not only affect the sales of the products and all the sellers of the same, but it can erode a lot the image of a brand affecting other online and offline channels.

Is it possible to eliminate imitation or counterfeit products?

It is both possible and necessary. If you are a brand that suffers from competition selling counterfeit, imitation, hijacking or fraudulent sales, it is a top priority to have these vendors identified, chased down and products removed.

Special program for brands with large volume of sales, different prices and fakes

We know that there are categories of products and brands that suffer especially from the problem of counterfeits in Amazon, so we have developed a special program to pursue, eliminate and protect sellers of counterfeit products, duplicates and Buybox hijackers.